Raising Consciousness Through Coaching

25 - 26 Sep, 2021

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We emerge from consciousness, and merge into Consciousness

To become aware of our own consciousness is to witness a miracle.

Simply put, Consciousness is awareness with a purpose. Raising consciousness gives a new perspective and is to collectively push humanity to the next realm of possibilities where we all can experience oneness in its truest form. 

We are making an attempt to expand collective awareness so that we can embrace a larger portion of the universal field of consciousness. We are aiming to create it through a series of events around masterful coaching conversations, mindfulness practices, spiritual practices, mystical experiences, learning, and sharing, at The Coaching Conclave 2021.

[Why Shunya?]
Journey into Shunya and Expansion

The Coaching Conclave 2021 is a space for heart-to-heart, authentic conversations with individuals who are drawn together to explore what it means to be a human being. We promote a spaciousness honoring both the Shunya and Infinity, absolute or impermanence, personal or impersonal, and the relative or immanent aspects of consciousness—ultimately one and the same.

It’s a space to explore what it means to live from Shunya and Expansion at the same time

Shunya… a state of Nothingness, Emptiness
Shunya – an attempt to express the inexpressible!

Is that true? Is it wholeness or emptiness?

What is it?

It is a space beyond dualities

The void perhaps or perhaps the ultimate reality

Eternal truth and bliss which does not change yet is the cause of all changes.

Inspired by timeless wisdom, and Ancient scriptures across cultures state that the universe was born out of nothingness.

Even if we say that it is infinite, we are wrong. It transcends all concepts, yet it is the source of all concepts.

As they say- Love says “I am everything” Wisdom says “I am nothing”, between these two my life flows. We come together to explore what lies between ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ while celebrating the mystery of being.

Every being that has come into existence travels and traverses through different stages of human consciousness.

Every iota that emerges out of Shunya evolves, multiplies, and expands, and merges into consciousness.

[TCC 2021]
About The Coaching Conclave

The Coaching Conclave (TCC) is an annual coaching event hosted and curated by xMonks, an ecosystem for human transformation, personality, and leadership development. TCC 2021 is the third consecutive annual event being hosted to invite the coaching fraternity of aspiring and emerging coaches, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, change-makers, innovators, and everyone contributing to the spirit of coaching. 

The Coaching Conclave is a xMonks’ initiative focused on bringing great coaching minds on a single platform.

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36-Hour Marathon

Cutting across time zones, making the learning sessions, panel discussions, and workshops at TCC 2021 accessible to everyone around the globe.

50+ Thought Leaders

A mix of Masterful Coaches, Changemakers, Entrepreneurs, Niche Leaders, and those who can help you connect the dots between Shunya and Expansion.

Live Digital Sessions

Watch from a safe haven. Access LIVE interactive sessions and downloadable recordings of the entire conference. Don’t miss anything because of your time zone.
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Basic Access

  • 36 Hours Coaching Marathon
  • Recording of 36 hours
  • 10 Coaching demos with PCC/MCC
  • Connect with Global coaching fraternity
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Advance Access

  • 20 CCEUs from ICF
  • 36 Hours Coaching Marathon
  • Recording of 36 hours
  • 10 Coaching demos with PCC/MCC
  • Connect with Global coaching fraternity
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Pro Access

  • 42 CCEUs from ICF
  • Dr. Marilyn Atkinson’s program on Resilience
  • 36 Hours Coaching Marathon
  • Recording of 36 hours
  • 10 Coaching demos with PCC/MCC
  • Connect with Global coaching fraternity
[Tracks of this Journey]
Fields of Consciousness

Come into identity with yourSelf, through Expression. Expression acknowledges your identity that brings forth awareness. Expression helps in fabricating our own consciousness.


Connection seeks meaning and purpose. Establishing a Connection expands the integral frame of the world. Build more connections. Set goals. Expand with more and more connections.


It’s your turn. Multiply the ability to express, enabling your connections to identify their Self. Contribute to expanding your territory of nothingness and raise your field of consciousness.

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