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Doing or Being?





“Tracy Sinclair is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a
trained Coaching Supervisor, Mentor Coach and ICF Assessor. Tracy trains coaches and works with managers and
leaders to develop their coaching capability. She works as an international Corporate Executive and Board Level
Coach, a leadership development designer and facilitator working with a wide range of organisations. Tracy also
specialises in working with organisations to support them develop coaching culture. Tracy has co-authored a book:
Becoming a Coach: 

The Essential ICF Guide published in 2020 which provides a comprehensive guide to coaching
for coaches at all levels of skill and experience, the psychology that underpins coaching and the updated ICF Core
Competency Model. In this same year she founded Coaching with Conscience which exists to have a positive
impact on society and our environment through coaching. As part of this work, she collaborates closely with MIND,
the UK’s leading mental health charity bringing coaching services to those who are supporting local communities
with mental health challenges. She also offers pro bono personal development and coaching programmes to young
leaders (18-25-yrs). Tracy was named as one of the Leading Global Coach winners of the Thinkers50 Marshall
Goldsmith Awards of 2019 and was a finalist for the Thinkers50 Coaching and Mentoring Award in 2021. She is also
a member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches. She was the President of the UK ICF from 2013-2014 and was
an ICF Global Board Director since 2016, serving as Treasurer in 2017, Global Chair in 2018 and Immediate Past
Global Chair in 2019 and Vice Chair and Director at Large on the International Coaching Federation Global
Enterprise Board in 2021.”

24 September | 12:40 PM- 1:30 PM



We are often very focused on competencies in coaching and how they inform what we say and what we do in the coaching process. And yet, what if we go beyond competence, beyond the skills of coaching, beyond the “doing” and explore the “being” of the coach? This session will investigate the place of values, principles and mindset in coaching and in life and how these alone could help transform how we interact with ourselves and others…how we lead our lives and how this could create a positive ripple in society. We will investigate how truly living our values enhances our awareness, acceptance and appreciation of what it is to be a human “being”.