The biggest truth ever sought by a man is —Know Thyself (To know oneself)

 While one initiates his/her journey onto the path of knowing themselves, the road diverges into two. There is a separation between the knowledge of WHAT I think I am and WHO I am.

“The battle is to reduce the gap between Who I know/ believe/ think I am and Who I want to BE. The real self and the expected self.”

With awareness, these two roads can merge into one path of Who I Am.

Awareness is your sanctum sanctorum to the multiverse of possibilities.

It is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and others. Only awareness can provide us with the right direction to explore WHO we are, WHAT we think we are and WHAT we actually are.

This awareness of Who I Am is the true expression of a man’s being.

To cater to the desire of living with Expression, the means is Awareness. The more we get to know ourselves, the easier it becomes to stay true to our Expression.

When the WHAT and WHO are acknowledged, it unlocks the gates of a life that is in fulfilment with our desire to express. The falsities associated with Self are separated from us only leaving behind our true self, our true expression.



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