After Expression, Connection next comes Contribution.

Now you are aware of your WHO and WHAT.

You also live in acceptance of your being.

With each connection you become a part of something bigger than yourself.

The sum total of your being, your roles and duties is defined by how many people contribute to the construction of the reality you live in.

What is stopping you from appreciating what you have?

The forgotten sense of being. When we view ourselves as a single source and begin separating ourselves from others, Contribution goes out of the frame.

With Awareness and Acceptance, you realise what your true gifts are. With this newly gained access to your being, you become conscious of the roles you play in the lives of others and vice-versa.

That’s when true appreciation comes into picture.

When we are willing to appreciate what we have to offer without comparisons and judgments is a heightened level of being.

When we have gratitude in everything we have and everything we do, life works for us and not against us.

With this blossomed sense of Appreciation, you become a conscious contributor to everyone around you through your actions.

You discover a new purposeful path. The path where each of us is  unique yet appreciate the differences. Where we are distinctive yet we contribute from a space of oneness.



Carolina Paez
Siddharth Bhasin
Vanessa Liu
Kevin Monroe
Ankit Jhamb
Richard Sheridan
Jerry Colonna
Alain Hunkins