The second human desire is to connect. It is to make meaningful, nourishing, long-lasting connections. After all, all the roles we play, and all the relationships we create, are functionally dependent on our ability to connect.

The epicentre of any connection is you. If you are truly connected and in acceptance with your expression of WHO you are and WHAT you are, that’s where the desire is fulfilled.

Until one begins to live with acceptance of their being and the roles they play, the medium through which two individuals connect is blocked.

As long as you are not aligned with truth, you are operating from a wrong perception of reality.

When one is in denial of their being and expression…when they are in denial of their reality, there will be struggles.

It is then your longing for connections comes from a hollow space. You seek connection to complete the inner void. When a connection becomes transactional in nature, unconsciously it becomes compromised.

Acceptance is saying yes to what is in present. Once acceptance breeds inside us, we become aligned with truth. And isn’t the whole life, an act of staying true to yourself?

Once you have awareness, only then you will be able to move into acceptance.



Bhushan Kulkarni
Malvieka Joshi
Siddhartha Varma
Dr. Neha Sangwan
Skip Lineberg
Silvia Viola
MS Mani
Immanual Joseph