Vikram Bhatt

President ACTO
Practices that lead to coaching from shoonyata.
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Personal Information

Vikram is passionate about furthering the work of intuitive design, building communities that facilitate shift in consciousness and transformational coach development.

Vikram’s work with for profit organizational leadership teams, schools and NGO leaders usually includes a blend of purpose work, equity and minimizing power differentials and facilitating shift in consciousness – individual and collective. Increasingly I meet leaders who wish to leave a non– fragmented life and bring their wholeness in service to realizing the full potential of systems they serve.

Vikram’s current interests include developing a body of work on intuitive intelligence and connected leadership (leadership wisdom through energy and vibrational engagement). This work has been designed in partnership with the Future leadership project at Thammasat university in Thailand. Vikram currently serves as President for ACTO (Association of coach training organizations). Vikram lives in Mumbai with his family.

Session Highlights

1. Self practices
2. Preparing the relationship space
3. Recognizing parts that enable and that come in the way
4. Transforming the moment

Session Description

As the world evolves, so does coaching, and hence coach training. Whether this evolution is a conscious one is completely in our hands and hearts as coach trainers. 

This is a strong transformation process for identifying and transforming power inequalities in our society, as well as how systems might be skewed against specific communities, limiting their voice and choice. As coaches and coach educators, it is our job to create strategies that allow for more and healthier voice and choice.

Integration of intuitive and rational energies, thoughts, and experiences can lead to powerful awakening from the field of Shunya, which should be incorporated into coaching and coach education.

Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.

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