Suresh Narayanan

Chairman & Managing Director at Nestle India Ltd
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Theme: From Acorns to Mighty Oaks
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Personal Information

Mr. Suresh Narayanan has over 35 years of rich and exhaustive experience in the FMCG Industry who has held Senior Management and Top Leadership roles in leading global companies. He is on the Board of Directors of Nestlé India Limited from 1st August 2015. Mr. Narayanan was Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines prior to joining Nestlé India in 2015.

He has been a part of Nestlé India Limited, Nestlé Singapore Pte. Ltd, Nestlé Philippines and Nestlé Egypt. Mr. Narayanan holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and has a Diploma from the IMD Program for Executive Development. He has participated in the Nestlé Leadership Program of the London Business School. He has delivered talks at major forums. Suresh has been honoured at the Forbes India Leadership Awards 2017 as the Best CEO in the Multinational category. He was recognized among “Most Valuable CEOs” in 2019 by Business World and also awarded “Best CEO – FMCG” for two years consecutively in 2019 and 2020 by Business Today.


Session Highlights

1. Leadership and running an organisation of this stature
2. The relevance of Coaching in leadership development
3. The relevance of servant leadership to strengthen longevity in an organisation

Session Description

In this session, Suresh Narayanan unfolds the biggest secret of Leadership- which directs the organisation from the part of still to success. He will explain the different bearings of servant leadership to enhance longevity in an organisation.

He brings deep insights into the relevance of coaching in the process of leadership development. He will bring light into the world of coaching and the impact it can bring on a leader’s style. Join this journey to understand the link between the world of coaching and leadership.


Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.


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