Surbhee Singh

ICF Certified Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, TLC Administrator, Happiness Coach, Co-Author
Once Upon A Time … in Coaching

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Personal Information

Surbhee is a Thought Leader, Leadership Coach, International Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Mindfulness Practitioner and a Conversational Hypnotist. She is the co-author of a recently released ‘Amazon Bestseller’. Surbhee has impacted individuals and organisations through her coaching expertise in the field of self-mastery, transformational leadership, organizational change, building high performing teams, and many more.

Session Highlights

1. Concepts of Storytelling.
2. How to use storytelling to influence, teach, and inspire.
3. The use of storytelling as an element in the coaching relationship.
4. Storytelling in the journey of self-discovery.

Session Description

Stories define us. It is one of the most powerful tools. In a coaching session, the client while speaking, sees oneself as the main protagonist of the Story and parallelly becomes the audience, as a listener of their own story; while the Coach mirrors and paraphrases the narrative. This evokes the client to go deeper in the journey of self-discovery and identify the patterns of their life.

Tune in and join us for a session with Surbhee Singh to learn the why, how and when of using the concepts of Storytelling in your Coaching Practice and see the magical change before your eyes.

Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.

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