Steve Foran

Founder, Happier at Work
An electrical engineer's journey into gratitude
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Personal Information

Steven Foran is the founder of Gratitude at Work, in 2007. He started hosting conversations withing a community which have since grown into work with leaders around the world, shifting cultures, helping leaders, and their teams be happier at work by bringing more gratitude to work each day.

Steven is the author of the book, Surviving to Thriving – The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership, published in 2019. He was named 1 of 8 recommended reads by Greater Good Science Center at University of California Berkeley and 1 of 5 positive psychology books for a happier 2019 in inc. Also in 2019, he was an inaugural winner of Canada’s CEO Trusted Advisor
Awards Program and in 2017. He was awarded the highest earned designation in professional speaking, CSPTM.

Session Highlights

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Session Description

We’ll follow the story of an electrical engineer and draw on what he learned to live a happier more meaningful life. The session is around gratitude and living your life from your core values.

Coaching Advice

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