Sabrina Park

Executive Coach | Sabrina BIZ Coaching House Founder | Positive 100 Days Project
Positive 100 days Project Project for World Peace

Theme: Positive 100 days Project Project for World Peace
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Personal Information

Sabrina is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) based in South Korea, who has coached professionally for more than 16 years and has recorded more than 3,000 hours of coaching. Sabrina is also a teacher, facilitator, and talented curriculum designer, creating workshops to introduce Appreciative Inquiry (AI) for organization change, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, effective communications, and managing for transformation and cultural diversity. 

In 2009, she created a programme, “Principles and skills of coaching for Social Workers”, for the Korean government, and has taught more than 1,000 coaches.  She is globally recognised as a woman leader. She was President of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (2013-2015) and organised the 3rd APAC Coaching Conference in 2014. 

Sensing the need for more positivity in our world, Sabrina founded the “World Game Positive 100 Days Project” in 2016. To date, there are more than 300 leaders from 12 countries to join this movement, and Sabrina is influencing positive change in the organization through the Positive 100 Days Project.

Session Highlights

  1. Helps you understand your legacy as a coach.
  2. Will draw an inquiry into your mission as a human being.
  3. Discover ways of contribution.
  4. Exploration of why contribution is important to a coach.


Session Description

We live in a world of self-fulfillment where every day we strive to earn every bit for ourselves. We forget what our mission is and above all what our responsibilities are, as a coach. We keep marching ahead with a blind eye towards others.

This session will bring light upon the importance of contribution in this dire situation. As a coach, it will enable you, to answer some of the major questions about your mission as a human being and will help you adapt contribution to your coaching style. It will bring out different ways that will help spread positive energy for world peace.


Coaching Advice

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