Robert Clinkenbeard

Coach for High Performers
Identifying Your Issues

Theme: Identifying Your Issues
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Personal Information

Robert Clinkenbeard is a coach for high performers. He is an author and a speaker. He is a business and growth expert, who works towards bringing stability to growing companies. He is a proven expert who has built and sold a very successful business and while doing that has trained and competed in 4 x Ironman races.

Robert has helped people develop their Vision and Accountability in their business and personal life, which improves their confidence and much much more with his “Ironman Mindset” system that:  

TRANSFORMS one’s life from others controlling their direction to taking control of their future and having fun along the way.  

CUSTOMIZES one’s journey whether it means ultimately spending more time with their family or the time & money to work on other business ventures while their current business is on auto-pilot, and…  

Results with no confusion, more accountability, and improved transparency and communication within the organization.

Session Highlights

1. Set goals beyond what you thought was imaginable
2. Setting yourself up for success
3. Holding yourself accountable and becoming focused
4. Dealing with the mental challenges or obstacles which try to beat you down
5. Building a RoadMap and surrounding yourself with the right people
6. Get the Ironman Mindset

Session Description

Humans are brought up with a mindset to keep moving ahead until we reach our destined goal. But issues form a major barrier in our lives. They are the walls that keep us from reaching our goals. They make us stumble, and even fall.

Issues as hard it might be, is always solvable, only if we know the cause. Robert in this session will help you identify those issues. He will help you set goals beyond what you thought was imaginable. He will bring out the problem areas, help you keep yourself accountable, and pave your path to succes


Coaching Advice

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