Raymond Miranda

Story & Foresight Strategist
The Myhejo™ Method
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Personal Information

Raymond Miranda is a Narrative Strategist. He is the creator of The Myhejo Method, which is a narrative-driven foresight tool to find alternative endings and solutions to problems. Raymond is a member of the Guild of Future Architects. He is also the Founder of Labora[s]tory which helps disruptors use stories to imagine alternatives and transform the future.

His passion for helping people and organizations understand the craft, science, and persuasive power of stories and the intersection between story and foresight has taken his work to diverse parts of the world, from Brunei to Berlin.


Session Highlights

1. How Disruptors Use Story to Imagine Alternatives and Transform the Future?
2. Identify fears, opposites, what-ifs, and obstacles
3. Empower realization to summon all kinds of solutions to problems

Session Description

All disruptors, from Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs, had to imagine an alternative world and then communicate that vision over and over and over again. In doing so, they became great storytellers. This journey from imagining-to-telling has a structure and a process. It requires an individual or a group to believe that the future, with all its problems, is still in the making and can be actively influenced or even created. This empowering realization can summon all kinds of solutions to problems. If these solutions are transformational, they will also be disruptive. Transformations require the death of an old system or story for the emergence of the new. The battle between the old and the new is what makes great stories.

The Myhejo™ Method is a narrative-driven foresight tool. It is a set of principles for imagining alternative endings and solutions to problems. As a tool, it involves identifying fears, opposites, what-ifs, and obstacles. It starts with a simple, yet profound premise: if you can name the fears and resistance to change, and you turn that fear around to its opposite, you will have the beginning and the end of the story. In the middle of the story, there will be discovery moments and obstacles which will be crucial for fine-tuning and developing a movement around the new story.

Coaching Advice

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