Peggy McAllister

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Personal Information

For over two decades, Peggy’s clients have gained great
benefit from her ability to engage with leaders and their
teams in transformational processes. As Executive Coach
and founder of Essential Leadership, Peggy has offered
hundreds of leaders across Europe, Asia, and the
Americas, simple yet profound tools for unleashing their
highest visions for what is possible.
Peggy’s work is deeply rooted in the sacred, weaving
together her graduate training in psychology and
counseling, and 25 years of executive coaching, with 40
years of yoga, QiGong, tai chi, meditation, and other
body-mind practices.
Clients as diverse as EY, Twitter, VF International, PwC,
GlaxoSmithKline, Franklin Templeton, Roche, SAS Institute,
UNC Rex Healthcare, BB&T, Verizon, and University of
North Carolina have engaged Peggy to offer their leaders
executive coaching and long term executive team
processes based on a deliberate inside-out approach to
In addition to offering processes that support the deeper
work of leadership, Peggy also teaches mindfulness
practices and facilitates the transformational Return to
Wholeness retreats.

Session Highlights

1. A guided-meditation that will open up access to a deeper experience of grounded Presence.
2. A session for deeper reflection and experience.
3. A session that will help you return to the root of the root of your Self.

Session Description

As practitioners who support the conscious evolution of our clients,
we are all being invited to be in service to a world on the brink.
Accepting such an invitation is not for the faint of heart.  It requires
that each of us steps beyond our own comfort zones, beyond old
definitions, obligations and limitations (what some might call our
Identity) and into the full-on expression of our own mastery and
Adyashanti, an American Zen teacher, describes the identity as “…a
fiction in the mind created by circular patterns of thinking based in
separation.” So if identity is a fiction, what is actually true about you?
Join Peggy for a brief metaphorical journey through the landscape of
your own identity, and open up more capacity to connect with What is
bigger, more coherent, and more resourceful, than any story about
you that you have been trying to live up to.

Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.

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