Patrick Aylward

Author of "The Collaborative Path" | Speaker
The Collaborative Path to Better Solutions AND Stronger Relationships
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Personal Information

Patrick used to be a courtroom lawyer, then spent many years as a mediator, and now is an author on a mission to change the world by creating a global culture of collaboration. His book The Collaborative Path introduces a collaborative model to replace the debate format used for generating decisions and solutions, and even for having conversations. To have both better solutions to situations and stronger relationships among participants, Patrick provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use 6-step process to change the leadership conversation. Using the collaborative model, we can prevent conflict before it ever begins.
His follow-up book The Collaborator’s Toolbox contains tools for everyday use so that people can strengthen their collaborative skills for use at home, at work, and in the community.

Session Highlights

1. Why do you need to start with a generalist’s approach?
2. How to build harmonious personal and work relationships and prevent conflict?
3. How to stop sacrificing what you want in order to avoid arguments and to please others in your personal life, professional career, or community?

Session Description

The Collaborative Path shows how we can easily create a culture of collaboration where relationships are strengthened and tension is minimized. It promises to improve your life and the lives of those around you.
Here’s how:
1. More productivity and increased efficiency because people will work toward optimal solutions instead of losing precious time dealing with their conflicts and differences.
2. Reduced tensions will lead to stronger professional relationships that flourish in an engaging and supportive environment.
3. People will become accustomed to dealing with difficult issues rather than avoiding them.
4. People will enjoy higher quality, shorter conversations.
Interpersonal relationships at home and in the community will be more fulfilling and open.

Coaching Advice

The sure way of Discovery of differences to optimal outcomes is the collaborative path.

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