Nathan Farrugia

Endurance athlete & business performance coach
Conversation with Nathan Farrugia

Theme: Conversation with Nathan Farrugia
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Personal Information

Nathan is an endurance athlete, business performance coach and entrepreneur, and has led organisations in technology, education, healthcare and hospitality. He is also the owner and representative of Vistage in Malta, a TEDx and Motivational speaker and philanthropist. Nathan has completed some of the world’s toughest extreme challenges, raising thousands of euros for charity. In 2011, he ran a million steps to complete a world first by running 27 consecutive marathons in 27 days in each of the 27 European union countries. He is married to Deirdre and has two children, robyn and keira and lives in Malta

Session Highlights

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Session Description

Let’s explore the lessons from the limit of physical and mental endurance. How to light the fire every day in Business and life. During this tête-à-tête, Nathan is going to share what does Marathon mean to him. What is required to set your eyes on something as audacious as running 27 marathons in 27 consecutive days and much more…

Coaching Advice

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