Marina Jankovic

Master Certified Coach
How to Use your talent to embrace the World?

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Theme: How to Use your talent to embrace the World?

Personal Information

Marina Jankovic, MCC is a Master Certified Coach with 15 years of international experience in Business Management, Talent Development and Executive Education. She has managed a Global Diversity & Inclusion Program for a company operating in 180 markets and made a direct contribution to building a more diverse talent pipeline and inclusive culture. Marina’s journey brought her a deep understanding of the leadership experience of women. She has empowered and inspired hundreds of women, giving them authentic strategies to lead at higher levels.

As a coach and leadership development expert, Marina has collaborated with numerous private and public sector organisations, including NGOs supporting people to build their way out of poverty. She holds a PgD in Organisational Psychology and HR Management from the University of London, Birkbeck and is a Certified Workplace Mediator and Nutritional Therapist.

Session Highlights

  1. How to work on your WHY every day, instead of seeing success as an end goal?
  2. How to find a validation balance and reinvent leadership identity?
  3. How can we as coaches step into our full power and support what the world needs?”
Session Description

Challenge yourself to reflect on their full potential and broader impact. You will be teased with some ideas to elevate their coaching practice. We know that organizations cannot tackle environmental and global challenges alone, so coaching needs to support leaders to consider their role in a much broader stakeholder network. It’s time to stop ignoring an environmental agenda that belongs to all of us. With moving from self-awareness to systems-awareness, coaching can deepen client relationships with inner-self, communities, nature and the ecosystem. This new mindset will result in new behaviors that are more sustainable, purposeful and focused on improving human conditions.

We need to not only raise awareness, but also elevate human consciousness.
Ask leaders to consider what they are doing that is good for them, what they are doing that is good for the company and what they are doing that is good for the world. Only with these three questions aligned, and serving a higher purpose, will we feel we are truly making a difference. It is time to make a shift from striving to be “the best in the world” to becoming the “best for the world.”

Coaching Advice

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