Marilyn Atkinson

Founder - Erickson Coaching International
Topic Schedule:
Shunya: The Way to Handle Complexity with Power and Grace
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Personal Information

Marilyn Atkinson is the founder of Erickson Coaching International and the originator of a well-known, comprehensive, Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model. As an Industrial Psychologist she has honed Solution-Focused methods for multiple kinds of corporate engagements, making the tools effective and easy for managers to use. Marilyn has been a dedicated follower of Milton Erickson for decades and gave his name to Erickson Coaching International in 1985. Marilyn has written and co-authored six books, including “The Art & Science of Coaching” Trilogy (Inner Dynamics of Coaching, Step-by-Step Coaching &The Flow of Coaching).

Session Highlights

Explore competency 2, 5, and 7 in this talk with Dr.Marilyn Atkinson:
1. Embodying a coaching mindset, open , curious, flexible and client centered.
2. Maintaining presence, and employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded, and confident.
3. Evoking awareness with powerful questions, silence, metaphors, and analogies.

Session Description

Complexity is a wonderful doorway into Shunya and provides a delightful challenge for solution focused coaches.
Imagine you are on a trail moving to the top of a mountain. You find a strong barrier across your path. First of all: What is the barrier? Second, how do you get past it? Do you go over it or under it, around it, or through it? Note your purpose and notice how relaxed you find yourself.
The paradox of complexity is that often very simple approaches allow us to connect into Shunya with power and grace. By aligning with its expression we unfold its power and then move through it and beyond it to bring results to others.
For this one-hour discussion I ask you to come prepared with a complex personal, organizational, and/or social dilemma you wish to resolve and plan to resolve at least some aspect of it in our hour together. We will dive through the solution focused doorways that Shunya provides.
On focused coaching to move beyond it.

Coaching Advice

For each step you take in learning coaching, you also need to look at your long-term aim as a human being.

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