Kara Exner

Leadership Coach and Author of Be the Change(maker)
Caterpillar Soup: Finding connection in the messy middle of pandemic living
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Personal Information

Kara Exner is in the business of helping more people do more good in the world. She’s been a professional leadership coach since 2005, a volunteer leader with the International Coaching Federation since 2008, and a mom of teenagers since 2017. She’s a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, has earned the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation, and has a Master’s degree in Adult & Continuing Education and a B.A. in Psychology.

Kara’s curiosity led to a qualitative research project learning about changemakers, and in Fall 2020 she published a book on her findings — Be the Change(maker): Lessons from Those Who Are & A Catalyst for Those Who Will.

Session Highlights

1. Finding connection through these tough pandemic times.
2. Exploring how our individual values and priorities have evolved.
3. A deeper dive into what was to what is emerging.
4. Ways to navigate these uncertain times with resilience, curiosity, and creativity

Session Description

The drive to find connection while living through our pandemic has been powerful. Whether we’ve been seeking connection with others, searching for security in a new normal (or at least in each ‘current normal’), or noticing how our individual values and priorities have evolved, most of us have looked for connection and meaning – either internally, externally, or both.

Not unlike the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, our pandemic messy middle has been – for many – an uncomfortable exercise moving from what was to what is emerging. Drawing on personal experience and informed by her research with changemakers, Kara will share perspectives on how we may navigate these uncertain times with resilience, curiosity, and creativity.


Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.


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