Gina Hayden

Founder, Sphere Consulting
The Profile of a Conscious Leader.
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Personal Information

Gina Hayden works with leaders in multiple industries around the globe. For more than 25 years, she has been coaching them, guiding and advising them, strengthening their teams, taking them on epic leadership development experiences and helping them evolve the culture of their organisations. She mainly works with leaders looking to do things differently: those who want to take their personal and professional journeys to the next level, who want to scale up their own and their company’s impact, combine purpose and profit, and who aspire to be different, significant and exceptional.

She sees possibilities in others they may not yet see in themselves and loves nothing more than to help them bring this about with encouragement and instilling the belief that they can be more of who they imagine and long to be. She is the author of Becoming a Conscious Leader: How to Lead Successfully in a World that’s Waking Up, which charts the qualities of next-level, conscious leaders who experience a deep calling to live authentically by their values to contribute to the greater good and use their influence as a source for positive action. In this way, Gina contributes to the difference these leaders make to their people and the difference their companies make to the world. She is also the co-founder and director of The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership and is a founding director of Conscious Capitalism UK Chapter.

Session Highlights

1. How to increase leadership’s impact on their teams?
2. What is Conscious Leadership?
3. A Qualities Framework for Conscious Leaders
4. How to become a Conscious Leader?

Session Description

The world needs more conscious leaders, those who look to increase their impact not just for themselves and their teams, but also the positive impact that their organisations have on the world. Based on extensive research into conscious leaders worldwide, a set of qualities has emerged which has been organised into a framework for conscious leadership. This session will dive into the profile of a conscious leader and, with illustrative examples, show how we can all develop conscious leadership qualities within ourselves.

Coaching Advice

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