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Author | Professional Certified Coach | Coach Trainer | Safety Coach | Emotions-Centered Coach
Unopened Gift- Emotions-Centered Coaching

Theme: Unopened Gift- Emotions-Centered Coaching
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Personal Information

Dan Newby is the author of four books on emotional literacy and the founder of The School of Emotions. His vision is a world where emotions are considered normal and understood as a life skill. He works with ‘people who support people’ to help them learn emotional distinctions and techniques of leveraging emotions in all parts of their lives. In this session, he will share his personal journey from emotional ignorance to literacy and will challenge you to reconsider your understanding of and relationship with emotions. He will share what he has learned about the logic and predictability of emotions and ways they can be turned into a tool to enhance your life and the lives of your clients.

Session Highlights

1. How to recognize and acknowledge emotions as a Coach?
2. How to build our emotional understanding, capacity, and fluency?
3. How coaches, leaders, educators, and parents can support emotions?

Session Description

Most coaches recognise that emotions are an integral aspect of every human and each of us possesses native emotional intelligence. That does not mean coaches, in general, are either comfortable with emotions or emotionally literate. If coaches, leaders, educators, and parents want to support others emotionally we need to first build our emotional understanding, capacity, and fluency.

Coaching Advice

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