Chris Soderquist

Owner, Pontifex Consulting
Systemic Intelligence
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Personal Information

Chris Soderquist has over twenty-five years of experience as a strategy and leadership consultant, coach and educator, with a diverse set of clients from the private and public sectors. His expertise integrates adaptive learning and leadership, strategic planning, sustainability (environmental, economic and social), and high impact training through facilitation and simulation.

Chris is a Visiting Executive Lecturer at the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia), an instructor in Marlboro College’s graduate school, a designer and instructor of the Boeing Engineering Leadership Program, and co-designer of the Legislative Health Certificate Program at the Georgia Health Policy Center. He was a founding member and instructor of integral business/sustainability at Integral University.

He is a contributing author to The Change Handbook (Berrett-Koehler, 1999) and delivers systems thinking webinars for isee systems, where he is a consulting partner. His video, Finding Leverage, won the Communicator Award of Excellence for Cause Marketing. His video series on applying systems thinking is available on the CDC-TV channel. Some of Chris’s clients include: The Boeing Company, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cincinnati Child Poverty Collaborative, Hewlett-Packard, Janssen, MIT, Nissan, Northwestern Mutual, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, UNDP, The World Bank, and The World Economic Forum.

Session Highlights

1. The cost to the organization (and society) from decisions made with low SysQ
2. The core principles of high SysQ
3. How to apply SysQ to a range of decisions—and coach/engage others in the process
4. Resources to further strengthen (and build) SysQ after the session

Session Description

Today’s leaders must help their organizations and teams navigate an ever-increasing array of
adaptive challenges—shifting workforce demographics, market disruptions, global economic
uncertainty, and international challenges ranging from seismic geopolitical events (e.g.
pandemics) and climate change. The pace and complexity of challenges are worsening.
Leaders need to apply a new level of consciousness—systemic intelligence (SysQ)—to have
any hope of successfully navigating these adaptive challenges.

Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.

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