Blaine Bartlett

Executive and Leadership Coach
Ontological design – a reciprocal process of designing relationships that design me in return.

Theme: Ontological design – a reciprocal process of designing relationships that design me in return.
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Personal Information

Blaine Bartlett is globally recognized as a leadership development master. As a speaker and the author of 5 books including the international best seller Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business, he has personally delivered programs to more than 300,00 individuals directly impacting more than one million people worldwide. He’s been featured in the TV series World’s Greatest Motivators; the movie and book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy as well as three TEDx talks and numerous podcasts. As CEO of Avatar Resources, a global leadership consultancy he founded in 1987, he’s worked with entrepreneurs and leaders in many of the largest companies and organizations on the planet to change the way leadership is used to foster Compassionate Capitalism.

Session Highlights

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Session Description

We are all – each and every one of us – simply ideas in physical form. How fully the idea of “me” is expressed is fundamentally dependent on the quality of the relationships I develop. These relationships include the obvious interpersonal relationships with which we are most familiar. More importantly however, are the “other” relationships of which I am part…relationships with my dreams, my values, my aspirations, my sense of self and my beliefs about life and reality. We are connected to everything and it is by consciously and intentionally designing and curating these connections in ways that encourage them to influence how life is expressed through me that births the idea that is me. In this way life becomes a generatively evolutionary process rather than a transactional endeavor.

Coaching Advice

The world and all within it is my conditioned consciousness objectified.

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