Alex Wray

Founder and CEO of Wray, Leadership Coach, Consultant & Advisor
a Practical Pathway for Changing the Inner Game

Theme: a Practical Pathway for Changing the Inner Game
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Personal Information

Alex founded his firm in 1993 to grow leadership capacity, transform culture, and achieve extraordinary business results. Over the past 25+ years, Alex has served a broad range of clients from small entrepreneurial start-ups in California’s Silicon Valley to the CEO offices of both Motorola and Ford Motor Company. His experience is broad with a particular depth in energy, financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and professional services. His client’s challenge is change. Alex believes an organization won’t change until the leaders in it change. He aligns the development of leaders to the results that matter most. As an innovator and implementer, Alex thrives in the practical, “where the rubber meets the road.”

Since 2010, Alex’s focus has been on accelerating the rate at which leadership capacity can be scaled in organizations. It has resulted in corporate leadership programs that bring an innovative blend of business/strategy consulting, executive coaching and team facilitation. At the core of these programs are the principles of Structural/ Systems Thinking and ground-breaking insights from Harvard University Professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Alex has worked directly with Kegan and Lahey in serving one of the world’s largest wealth managers in their multi-year journey of transformation.

Session Highlights

1. Get to know the unique challenges in Business Coaching

2. What works/ what doesn’t work in Business Coaching

3. Impact of Inner Game on the Business Results

4. Spoken and Unspoken Expectations of teams in Business and an Organisation

Session Description

Witness a senior executive describe their own story of deep and transformative change. Alex Wray provides commentary as a MasterClass in Changing the Inner Game; bringing the theory to life using video clips of a client authentically sharing their own Hero’s Journey. Alex was a speaker at Leadership Circle’s 2018 Global Summit, and their founder, Bob Anderson, has this to say, “I’m blown away by the results clients get with MINDSHIFT. It goes right to the heart of the matter by inviting people into the depth of work it takes to really transform vertically.”

Coaching Advice

Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.


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