Abraham Zachariah

SVP HR- Leadership Development & Talent Management , GSCs & Technology- HSBC
Does culture affect Coaching?

Theme: Does culture affect Coaching?
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Personal Information

Abraham Zachariah is the SVP HR- Leadership Development and Talent Management. For the earlier portion of his career, Abraham worked in sales and marketing for large international corporations, where he developed his leadership skills over a period of two decades ( Handling Light Commercial Vehicles, predominantly in rural India). Abraham has a wide range of worldwide corporate experience, from managing large-scale back-office operations to expanding into L&TD.

Many innovations in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, cultural integration, and change management have been pioneered by him. He has always been in high demand as a conference speaker.

Session Highlights

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Session Description

Every coaching conversation eventually becomes a deeply personal conversation for the coachee. And one of the key elements of the individuals propensity to embrace a new alternative to address the issue at hand is often viewed through the prism of the culture he/she lives by. The intricate relationship between a task and the circumstances has “relationships” at the core of it and the way in which one views relationships ( between human beings , between human beings and society, human beings and the spiritual etc) is deeply enshrined in ones culture. So , its worth understanding the culture and belief systems of the individual before and during the coaching conversations to make it more personalized and bespoke.

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