Retd. Air Vice Marshal, Director Business Development at Boeing



Leadership in Adversity





Air Vice Marshal Samuel Nicodemus was a military pilot in the Indian Air Force, with extensive operational experience in various organisations all over the world. He superannuated after 36 years, with experience in Flying Operations, Experimental Flight Testing, Defence Procurement, Management and Strategic Planning. 

He is presently employed as Director Business Development at Boeing, leading business growth for the company’s defence business in India.

23 September | 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM



The ability to handle adversity is one of the most overlooked traits of a successful leader; it has significant value in every organisation and can never be underestimated. It is also true that many leaders are ill-equipped to handle situations under adversity. When not handled well, adversity not only stops an organisation from progressing but throws it in reverse. It is hence, not just beneficial, but essential for leaders to possess this skill, and pass it on to others in the organisation.
The military operates in one of the most challenging environments, when compared to most other organisations; an environment that is uncertain, ambiguous, constantly changing, and dependent on myriad factors, most of which cannot be clearly predicted at any time. And yet, the military is considered to be the most efficient force in the country and is often the last resource when all else fails.
It would be worthwhile to consider why this is so, and to learn important lessons from the way the military operates. The talk will focus on practical examples from the career of the speaker, who has spent about four decades in the military, and encountered numerous situations where the stakes were very high and he had to take decisions to deal with them.