Chief People & Strategy Officer at Catalight Foundation



Creating Awareness, Overcoming Fear





As Chief People & Strategy Officer at Catalight, Natalie leads People & Performance, Equity & Social Justice, Communications, Marketing & Fundraising, Finance, Real Estate & Facilities, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and Quality. As part of her role, Natalie is focused on operationalizing organization-wide strategy – translating it into everyday execution to deliver meaningful impact while maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost.

Natalie is also responsible for delivering a people-first culture that encompasses all areas of human resources including performance management, training, professional development, and communications for Catalight and its affiliates. Natalie joined Catalight (formerly Easterseals Bay Area) in 2013 and over the course of her tenure, has led the transformation of the organization from a traditional human resources department to a performance-based culture.

Prior to joining Catalight, Natalie held a variety of human resource management positions in fortune 500 companies across service industries such as hospitality, sports and entertainment. She holds a degree from Simmons College in Sociology with a minor in Business Management. Natalie has a strong commitment to employee satisfaction, is passionate about supporting all levels of the organization and is extremely dedicated to the many Catalight causes.

23 September | 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM



As someone who has been a senior executive for many years, getting Coaching throughout various leadership programs has been essential to me personally and professionally. As a people leader, it is important to understand yourself holistically and get direct feedback from someone outside of your organization who is independent and unbiased.

A good coach can create awareness, challenge you to think differently, and help you overcome your fears. I personally have gone through a 4-5 year journey that will continue throughout my career with coaching that has led me to become stronger, more confident, and reinforce what I value and what is important to the many stakeholders I serve.