Founder, Erickson Coaching International



How Do You Live A Life of Fulfillment, Gratitude, And Commitment?





Marilyn Atkinson is the founder of Erickson Coaching International and the originator of a well-known, comprehensive, Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model. As an Industrial Psychologist she has honed Solution-Focused methods for multiple kinds of corporate engagements, making the tools effective and easy for managers to use. Marilyn has been a dedicated follower of Milton Erickson for decades and gave his name to Erickson Coaching International in 1985. 

Marilyn has written and co-authored six books, including “The Art & Science of Coaching” Trilogy (Inner Dynamics of Coaching, Step-by-Step Coaching &The Flow of Coaching).

23 September | 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM



Things are not as they appear nor are they otherwise! What if fulfillment, gratitude, and contentment were the direct result of developing a strong purpose with your life, one that grips you in a unique and meaningful way? What if that also meant diving deeply into the understanding of paradox?
In this one-hour exploration, Marilyn Atkinson will take you on a perceptive journey with the aim to assist you in strongly building the inner awareness of gratitude as the very essence of a purposeful life! She will show how our normal perception is like a curtain on the window of genuine reality; a curtain we can open for ourselves rather easily when we understand the design.

When we step beyond the surface appearance the surprising cornucopia opens behind surprises! All, paradoxically, are available to bring contentment and gratitude where we least expect it. Explore for yourself!