[About TCC 2021]
A way to acknowledge your identity.

Emotions, art, body language, tonal modulations, and even silence are a way of expressing your feelings. Your feelings need to be acknowledged by others as your identity. Freedom of expression is tagged as a fundamental right of every human and that showcases its importance. But, where does any expression initiate or is born? Is it from Shunya? Where does it go after that? How does any expression manifest? 

Inviting you to explore Expression.

Explore Expression with us

Richard Barret

[Managing Director - Barrett Academy]

Philippe Rosinski

[Global Leadership Developer | Executive Coach]

Kevin Cottam

[Leadership Coach | Professional Speaker on the Nomadic Mindset]

Raymond Miranda

[Narrative Strategist | Creator of The Myhejo Method]

Marina Jankovic

[Master Certified Coach]

Jonathan Passmore

[Senior VP Coaching - CoachHub]

Chalmers Brother

[Certified Executive Coach]

Rajesh Ramakrishnan

[Managing Director at Perfetti Van Melle India]

Robert Clinkenbeard

[Coach for High Performers]

Lyra Puspa

[Strategic Transformation Coach | Organizational Neuroscientist]

Shayamal Vallabhjee

[High Performance Coach]

Shailesh Haribhakti

[Board Chairman | Board Director - Exponential Technologies]

Gaurav Arora

[Country Head - Erickson Coaching International]

Saba Hasanie

[Managing Director and Senior Partner of OSC Leadership Performance]

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