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Awareness, and The Magic That It Can Create: Why Does It Need A Nudge?





In an HR career spanning around 24 years, Debashish had the fortune of working in four different Industries providing him with in-depth learning not only about areas of HR processes and systems but most importantly about the dynamic subject that is Human behaviour. During these years, he has experienced different cultures across India by living and working in the West, North and South. He also had a great stint based out of UAE, managing HR for IMEA, travelling extensively and managing countries in whole of ME and Africa, besides India.

Starting with a specialized exposure to Industrial (Employee) Relations in his first stint, his subsequent assignment at Wipro was a generalist HR Leader’s role providing significant exposure to different Business HR roles. During his stint with Allergan, he was the CHRO for India, followed by his role of managing India Middle East and Africa between 2018 and 2020. His current role in Edtech with BYJU’S is making me Unlearn and Relearn to amazing extents, he had not imagined. It is a greenfield opportunity to envision and create the future Talent landscape of an organization of BYJU’S stature.

24 September | 6:20 AM- 7:10 AM



The paradox of awareness is both incredibly complex and quite straightforward. It is impossible to describe because it lacks any external characteristics and limitations. When we are completely present in the moment and not distracted by thoughts or mental projections, it might sometimes naturally emerge to the surface.

Pure consciousness has no highs or lows, pleasures or pains, or positive or negative qualities. It only allows the coachees to open up completely in new ways of looking at life / issues for them. In this session, explore how renewed and rightly aligned awareness enhanced emotional well-being and mindfulness for the Coachees, thereby getting them rightly focused.