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A thousand ways to deepen your presence.

How do you know you enjoy someone’s company? How do you know you are connected? Connections come together each time to create a new field of human consciousness. Connections build more connections. As they come together, they echo with purpose. What brings humans together also bridges two different worlds. The Shunya of one world seeks for the connection of the other world. 

Inviting you to explore Connection.

Explore Connection with us

Marilyn Atkinson

[Founder - Erickson Coaching International]

David Clutterbuck

[Practice Lead At David Clutterbuck Partnership]

John Spence

[Author & International Executive Coach]

Sylvana Caloni

[Executive Vice President at Bankers Trust Financial Group]

Kara Exner

[Vice Chair - ICF Credentials & Standards Global Board]

Dorothy E. Siminovitch

[Global executive coach]

Sackeena Gordon Jones

[Founder - Transformation Edge Coaching & Consulting]

Patrick Aylward

[Author of "The Collaborative Path" | Speaker]

adelle richards

[Extracting from Shunya. Coming soon.]

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