Certified Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author and TedTalk Speaker



Awareness, Language, Choice… and Our Experience of Life





Chalmers Brothers is a best-selling author, certified personal/executive coach, consultant, seminar leader, and speaker. He has a 36-year career focused on leadership development, workplace culture, productivity and accountability, teamwork and clarity in communication, emotional intelligence, trust- and relationship-building. His books – Language and the Pursuit of Happiness (2005) and Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence (2015) have been adopted by the leadership/coaching programs at different universities.  He began his career with 9 years at Andersen Consulting (Accenture). He has 23 years and counting as an expert speaker for Vistage CEO Private Advisory Boards. He is also the Former Chairman of Vistage CEO Private Advisory Board.

He has pursued an engineering undergraduate degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA) and MBA from Louisiana State University. He and his wife of 35 years have 3 grown children and live in Naples FL. Apart from this he enjoys traveling with family, fishing, golf, kayaking, and running.

24 September | 5:30 AM- 6:20 AM



In this compelling session, best-selling author Chalmers Brothers (“Language and the Pursuit of Happiness” and “Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence”) shares perspectives, practices and ways of understanding that can support all of us in living more conscious, purposeful and fulfilling lives. Chalmers begins with awareness and acceptance – and in particular, self-awareness and self-acceptance – as the starting points for any journey of meaningful, purposeful change. He then reinforces the claim that our language – in the form of our external and internal narratives – is highly generative and creative (vs. passive and descriptive). He then invites participants to explore the ways in which our responses to both the external “events” of our lives occurring “out there”… as well as to the many unsolicited and uninvited thoughts occurring “in here”… can and do have dramatic impacts on our productivity, our public identity and our emotional well-being. Awareness here is the key, as are new practices that intentionally, purposefully (and predictably!) move us toward more of the results, experiences and relationships that we say we desire – at home, at work and everywhere in between.