Global President, Consulting Services



The Opportunity To Grow is The Spark of Life





Betsy brings deep passion, intuition, and an intense drive for success to Leadership Circle’s business and clients. In her role as President of Leadership Circle Consulting Services, Betsy derives great pleasure from helping executives understand their executive assessment in meaningful ways that impact how their teams function and their business grow. She is a driving force behind helping our clients become more effective leaders so that they may make the most courageous choices and decisions that inspire and engage the members of the organizations they lead and the customers they serve.

Betsy began her career at AON Corporation and after many successful years at this large multi-national corporation, moved to Carlson Companies to experience life inside the second largest privately held company in the world. These two vastly different organizations were paramount in giving Betsy the experiences to start her own firm. Betsy has, now, grown two organizations from the ground up both successfully clearing the $20 million dollar mark – one currently at $100 million and one, now, just over $40 on its way to much more. This range of experience in her own business allows her to coach from a visceral understanding of the weight and pressure leaders feel and how that impacts their thinking and thus choices and decisions.

23 September | 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM



I’ve seen it in every person I’ve coached and in my children. And if we as coaches, leaders, and humans can just position everything in that regard…I think we have the magic sauce to getting everyone to be at their absolute best. I think George Land said it best in his Nobel Prize winning work and every human on the planet really knows it at their core…its Grow or Die.