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Passion To Purpose





Ankit is an HR leader with 15 plus years of experience across financial and professional services. He started his career with a business role that required him to market training solutions to various clients in India. The first role gave him a comprehensive exposure to sales cycle, revenue models and helped him develop a sound business acumen.

In the last few years, he has developed himself as a highly effective L&D business partner with the ability to deliver business impact. His approach to solution design, building agile and effective L&D engines by leveraging fields like social sciences, analytics, and branding. has been recognized by his stakeholders.

His current areas of focus are Future Skills, Leadership Journeys, Building Skills for an Inclusive Organisation, and Mental Health. He is also a part of the Internal Complaints Committee for Sexual Harassment Cases at the Workplace.

He is also the founder of the Social Initiative – AAO KHILAYEIN. Starting in 2016, they have 5 chapters spread across Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Lucknow. They provide food to orphanages, shelter homes, conduct blanket drives, calamity crisis relief, medical treatment funding, and funding stationery for underprivileged schools. Currently, they are running AAO KHILAYEIN CORONA Helpline.

23 September | 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM



Passion and purpose. Two words that are inextricably connected, but are also distinct entities on their own. Passion is about thoughts and feelings, the motivation, and what makes us feel good, i.e. “do what you love”. Purpose, on the other hand, is the reason behind what we do, mainly for others, i.e, “do what contributes.”
But once you look in the direction of your passion and purpose if you want to experience true happiness, joy, and personal fulfillment in life, you will notice that you often don’t follow them. Due to the necessity of surviving—working nonstop to pay the bills and lead a fulfilling life—these two frequently take a second seat for most people. Ankit Jhamb will join in this session to lead us on a journey from Passion To Purpose.