Vice President Asia Pacific and Global Business Operations



Illuminating Self Awareness Through A Developmental Lens





Adelle began her professional career as a Chartered Accountant, working for KPMG and PwC. Life then took a different turn when she was invited to join a small group of passionate individuals committed to bringing the Leadership Circle to Asia Pacific. She attend the inaugural LCP Certification in Sydney in July 2008, and since that time it has been her delight to have played a pivotal role in growing the Leadership Circle not only in this region but also in a number of regions across the globe.

Adelle’s strength is in being able to move from strategy into action, and to do so based on the principles of collaboration and alignment, empowerment, and trusted team-based or partnership approaches. Another strength is to bring a systemic lens, knowing and understanding the macro and micro operational systems in order to achieve operational excellence. 


Adelle is also deeply respectful, mindful, and humbled by the cultural diversity that exists across the region. What she also finds deeply motivating is connecting to and being in service of the ever-growing global LC Community of Certified Practitioners, their clients, and the LC Consulting client base.

24 September | 9:40 AM- 10:30 AM



Why do we behave the way we do? Someone or something or some event seems to trigger a familiar response within us and we don’t seem to be able to have any control over this. It can sometimes feel like “it got us” rather than “we’ve got it” and we’ve been taken over! Or perhaps we’ve rationalised our response away with ‘well, of course, wouldn’t everyone respond that way?’ – when the answer is likely no! Life is continually bringing to us what it is that we need to see, it’s not just to spite us. Are you mining the gold that lies underneath those experiences that upset, trigger or challenge you? This can be applied to both you and the clients that you may work with.

Let’s explore a way of getting underneath your triggered responses and the behaviour that we show the external world and see what’s going on in the inside. You will also learn about the 2 key developmental frameworks that underpin the Leadership Circle’s Universal Model of Leadership.

Developing ourselves is about becoming more conscious of the choices that we are continually making and expressing through our thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and beliefs. Are they producing the outcomes that you desire most in this world? If they are not, then we realise that we have the power to change them and in so doing change our relationship to our world and the experiences that we are having in it.